3 Ways App Development Can Make You Money

App development can make you money in numbers of ways. Today we will be exploring 3 ways app development can help you make money. This ranges from a few techniques from learning app development and offering app development as a service, to using app development to create an app for you. For this article, we will be exploring different techniques of money making using app development, and perhaps in other articles, we will be giving step-by-step instructions on how to execute these.

Freelance App Development Services

Firstly, you can make money using app development by learning app development and being a freelance app developer. This is the most straightforward and direct way to be make money. Although learning app development has a steep learning curve, with enough determination, I believe that anyone can do it.

In order to learn app development, we need to first choose the technology that you want to learn. I recommend learning hybrid app frameworks as it gets the most completed in the shortest time. Ionic app framework is the easiest to learn and the quickest to get a simple working app out. You can learn Ionic app framework by going through their tutorial on their website. For ionic, it is best that you have web development knowledge before proceeding as it runs mostly in web development programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JS.

Another way we can learn app development is through free videos on YouTube or other sharing platforms. We can also buy books to study on the topic which can also be a fast way to learn app development. These books will also show best practices that we can follow which are very helpful in the long run.

After learning app development, you can offer your services on platforms such as Fiverr or other freelance platforms. 

How much can you make: S$20-S$200/hour depending on skill level

Starting An App Development Agency

With app development skills, you can also start your own company that offer app development services. This needs more skills than just app development but it will be the most rewarding when given the right attitude and effort. Other skills you need will be project management skills, marketing skills, sales skills. All these skills will need to come hand in hand in order to offer the best app development service for your clients.

You must also think of a competitive advantage for your company. For example, you offer the best customer service, you offer the best app development price, etc. This is very important as there are many app development agencies in Singapore and in the rest of the world.

There will also be some months that there are no sales and you shouldn’t give up. You will also have to have determination to push through these tough times.

Here is an example of a company that offers App Development in Singapore.

How much you can make: Ranges from S$0-S$10,000/month or more

Creating And Running An App

You can also create an app, either by looking for an app development company or creating it by yourself. You can also look for freelancers who are much cheaper app developers as compared to local companies. With these apps, you can run ads on them, and when people view those ads, you get paid a certain amount of money. What really matters is how many users use your app on a daily basis. With more people using your app, comes more revenue for your app.

Another way to make money from your app is by transaction fees. You can use app development to create an app that your users will transact for, getting a commission out of it. Some examples of these transactions are services such as home services.

How much you can make: Anywhere from $60-$200/day for a start

These are some ways that app development can help you make money. If there are any suggestions, do let us know, and we might write a post about it!

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