App Development: Hybrid vs Native vs Cross-Platfoms

App development has many new technologies in recent years that has improved lives of app developers. Technologies such as ionic app framework has made app development quicker and cheaper than the traditional native app development frameworks.

What is Native App Development?

Native app development is where we use native programming languages to do app development. For example, in android, we are using android studio, which is written in Java. Whereas in iOS apps, we are using Swift in Xcode. These technologies take up a lot of time for development as we have to write 2 separate codes for 2 Operating Systems (OS).

Nonetheless, the advantages of native app development is that the performance is the peak of all the app development frameworks out there. You will also have access to the latest technologies that a mobile app releases. You can also customise designs in the specific OS.

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What is Hybrid App Development?

Hybrid app development basically a website that is wrapped into a mobile app. This technology is getting very popular in recent years as it is constantly improving everyday. Moreover, the speed of these are matching up with native app development. Because of these, app development agencies are starting to push these technologies as they are developed faster and much cheaper than the traditional native app development.

Hybrid app frameworks, most commonly Ionic app framework, only uses one set of codes to run on multiple operating systems. This is the main advantage of hybrid apps. However, as compared to native apps, they do not have the latest technologies that is released by native app development immediately. It takes some time for the hybrid app to adopt these new technologies.

Hybrid app development cost about half of native app development. Because of the short development time, the price is greatly reduced as the efforts needed is much lower. One of the limitations is that you cannot customise a very different design for different operating systems.

It is important to note that although it is a website packaged into a mobile app, the user experience in the app closely resembles an actual mobile app.

What is Cross-Platform App Development?

Cross-platform app development are app development frameworks like react native. These also run on a single codebase but it renders native app elements. In other words, it is a native app that is being built on just a single set of code. The code will then “call” the native elements to be built into app.

These technologies like react native and Flutter cost about 75% of native apps. This is a huge saving if the app development project is huge.

Which would I recommend?

Honestly, all of the frameworks have their advantages and disadvantages. It is better that you define what you are looking for in an app development. Are you looking for performance, best value for money, best price, or latest technologies? Usually in companies that offer app development in Singapore like SleekDigital, etc, they will push for hybrid app frameworks as it has matching performance as compared to native app development.

However, for enterprise app development solutions, it is better to have native app development as it is the best solutions for bigger companies. For MVP app development projects or quick alternatives, it is better to use hybrid app development due to the quick development time and cheaper prices.

Moreover, it gets better ROI if the price is low using hybrid app development. Contact SleekDigital if you are looking for cheap app development in Singapore! I personally recommend them as they offer the best service from what we have observed.

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